Zeerak Ahmed

I'm a designer and software engineer from Lahore, currently in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I believe that the tech industry's ability to engage with the implications of what it produces grows slower than our ability to build new things. Hence I wish to take a historical, social approach to the construction of technical artifact – through thoughtful analysis of software, the conceptualization of society it encodes within, and of societies that are overlooked by technology. I hope to build knowledge and human infrastructure, through the development of technological infrastructure, that sustains through the aging of our industry.

me at zeerak dot net
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Graduate Design Work

Matnsāz – an Urdu Keyboard, and public initiative for better Urdu software

Fare + Square – healthier urban eating, software for food stamp recipents

Wrist Support with Informal Materials – documenting medical practice in the developing world

Sweat Sensing through Optical Measurement of Hydrogel

Professional Work

Patari – design and product management for Pakistan's largest audio streaming service

Microsoft – design and analysis of search products

Motion Math – educational games

Tintash – AI for games

Undergraduate Independent Work

The Design of Open Data Systems: Analyzed Through Case Studies in Nairobi and Lahore

Assessing the Effectiveness of Drone Strikes on the Counterinsurgency in Pakistan

Addressing Islamophobia in the European Union

Other Projects


Princeton Laptop Orchestra

Experiments in Art and Technology