Wrist Support with Informal Materials

An exploration of informal medicine for the Design Across Scales class at the MIT Media Lab, 2017.

Tasked with designing under the theme of 'armor', I explored how a scribal practice could be used to formalize thriving informal medical practices prevalent across many parts of the developing world. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Repetitive Strain Injury being a common refrain for our audiences, this project tested various ways to provide wrist support using commonly available materials and a simple wrapping technique.

Reimagining a new scale

To this point the project showcased how a single remedial practice could be tested strategically and formulate a mechanism for informal medical practices in the modern realm. But the real project of course, is larger. How do we change medicine to grow beyond current Western medical practice and to acknowledge medicinal cultures across the world that cater to those that are outside the fold of modern medicine.